About Omnivorous

Amanda and Michael live, cook, and eat in Berkeley, California. We met and married here but are both originally from the East Coast, so while we appreciate the wonderful bounty of California produce and the wide variety of cuisines available here, we have spent a lot of time seeking out good pizza (with some success) and bemoaning the lack of good bagels (no success finding those yet).

The name of the blog comes from the fact that while we are both currently omnivores, and enjoy eating all sorts of things, this was not always the case. Amanda had a brief phase of vegetarianism followed by a longer phase of being mainly a pastavore, while Michael had a very long phase, in his childhood, of subsisting mainly on cheerios and peanut butter sandwiches. While we still like all of those things, we enjoy a great number of other things as well. Except beets. We do not like beets. They taste like dirt.

We both cook, Michael is generally the photographer and designer, and Amanda is generally the writer.