January 18, 2012

Risotto Cakes and Red Wine Braised Root Vegetables

We've recently had three culinary epiphanies:

1.) Leftover risotto is awesome if you form it into cakes and pan fry them.
2.) If you put some root vegetables in the oven with some wine, good things will happen.
3.) The results of the previous two epiphanies go very well together.

So in this post, we bring you the happy results, and we were so excited that we put them all together. However, both items here - the risotto cakes and the wine braised roots - would be delicious in combination with other things as well. The roots have a rich, hearty quality that makes them perfect spooned over any grain or carbohydrate - think of them as beef stew without the beef (and you won't even miss it). Polenta or pasta would be good bases. And as to the risotto cakes, top them off with whatever inspires you: a rich tomato sauce, whatever vegetables are seasonal, slices of roast meat or steak. And it would certainly not be a bad idea to put some cheese into the middle of the cakes; think fresh mozzarella or gruyère.

January 11, 2012

Poached Chicken with Tarragon Sauce

We're back! We had a fantastic holiday in France, where there was much eating, drinking, and merrymaking. Although it was difficult to return to a life where croissants for breakfast and wine at lunch are not a given, it also feels good to be home, back in our kitchen, and back on our blog. After all, the aforementioned lifestyle is probably not sustainable in the long run.